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About Us

In our home kitchen in Newcastle, back in December 2018, we baked our first bread. Although our initial expectactions for a crusty and fluffy bread were dismissed at first glance, everything changed when we sliced and tasted our first homemade bread. It was unique, unlike a store-bought loaf of bread. This loaf reminded us of the real bread flavour from our childhood.

Corrections to the recipe were made and the interest for bread bakery was growing. Little by little, we introduced our bread to friends and family. They simply could not believe in what they were experiencing. Homemade quality bread! The word spread quickly as well as the requests for new orders.

Around February 2020, Eli was born. Busy with parenthood and recipe testing for the first few months inspired us to provide real, homemade bread and pastries to our community and especially our little one, Eli. And this is how Eli's Bakery came to be - a love story about bread and family.


Home food is the best food!

The love we put into our bread can only be surpassed in some cases by a mother's love.

Fresh & Tasty

Quality, quality and more quality!

Our ingredient selection is based exclusively on its freshness and nutritious value.


The same old bread? Never again!

Our products are classic but innovative at the same time. Do you like mango pickles in your bread?


Sylvester Spinelli

South African Master Chef

Ana Ribeiro

Portuguese Amateur Patissier


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